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The online store allows you to purchase online printed products. You are able to buy packaging, textiles, envelopes, invitations, thank you cards, business cards, 3d lettering and other products which can be clear, unprinted, printed or designed up to your wishes. Online shopping in online store is easy and it is possible to shop delivery 24 hours a day. Use of the online store is free of charge.

The company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož, s.p. operates the online shop and represents a provider of e-commerce (hereinafter referred to as a »provider«). Upon registration in the online shop, the visitor will receive a username, which is the same as his or her email address, and a password. The username and password explicitly specify the user and associate him or her with the entered information. Upon registration, the visitor becomes a user and obtains the right to purchase. The user’s password is known only to the user and is private. We request that the user uses the username and password only by himself or herself or that this username and password are used by a person, authorized to represent the user. 

General terms and conditions of the online shop are set in accordance with Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), on the basis of the recommendations provided by CCIS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia) and international codes of e-commerce. General terms and conditions define the operation of the online shop, user’s rights and business relationship between the provider and the user.

The company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., as the provider and the seller, and the user as the buyer, regulate mutual obligations regarding the online purchasing in the online shop with the following general terms and conditions.



Upon registration, the visitor of the online shop  enters his or her email address.

If the email address does not yet exist in the database of business partners of the company, a link will be sent to the visitor’s email address. By clicking on the link in the email, the visitor activates further registration process.

If the visitor wants to buy the products as a legal person and receives the invoice at the business address, with the VAT code, he also enters this information.

The visitor can also add a different delivery addresses, which from it can be chosen delivery location for each order.

The visitor has also could pick the option of receiving  e-news about the products of the online store. He can also let us know his birthday date and allow us to surprise him once a year.

During the further process, the visitor enters personal information, which can be later on changed or edited under the tab Profile.

If at the beginning of the registration, the visitor enters an email address which already exists in the database of online store, the system will inform the visitor that the user with this email address already exists. In such a case the user can use the application »I forgot my password« and, by entering an email address, gain a new username and password which will be sent to the entered email address.



Price z (VAT) is the unit price, including value added tax (VAT), which at that point in time is valid for purchase the product.

The price in the red box is the amount of value added tax (VAT), as long as the regular price of value added tax (VAT) is reduced at a given moment, or the percentage of the price with value added tax (VAT) which is reduced.

The crossed-out price is the regular price with value added tax (VAT), which is not valid at that given time, since the reduced price with value added tax (VAT) is valid.

All prices already include a 22% value added tax.

Prices quoted on the web site can be changed without prior notice.

Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and are valid for 10 days. From the moment of conclusion of the sales contract (order confirmation) until the expiration of 10 days, all prices and other conditions are fixed and are binding on the bidder and the buyer. If we do not receive the buyer's payment for the ordered goods within 8 days, we will inform the buyer about the expiration of the payment deadline.

Despite our hard effort to ensure that our information are up to date and correct as much as possible, it could occur, that the information about the price is incorrect. In such case or in a case where the price of a product changes during the order processing, the provider will enable the buyer to withdraw from the purchase and at the same time offer him or her a solution which will be satisfying for both parties.

Purchase conditions for deferred payment represent a subject of separate agreement between the buyer and the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., Vrhniška cesta 128, 1354 Horjul.



Delivery of the ordered goods can be carried out through various package distribution providers who deliver the goods to the customer in all places in Europe. The delivery service provider is chosen by the provider, if this option is available at that moment.

Shipping time limit starts on the same business day, in cases when the deposit/payment is received until 12:00 on that business day, otherwise shipping time limit will start on the first business day after receiving the deposit/payment.

Delivery for all orders with a total amount above 100,00 EUR including VAT, is free. When the total amount is lower than 100,00 EUR including VAT, the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., charges the delivery costs in the amount from 4,00 EUR including VAT up to 50,00 EUR including VAT, it is depends from delivery address and total weight of package.  

Prices for deliveries in Slovenia: 

package up to 2 kg - 4,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 2 up to 5 kg - 5,00 EUR including VAT 

package  from 5 up to 10 kg - 6,00 EUR including VAT 

package  from 10 up to 15 kg - 7,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 15 up to 20 kg - 8,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 20 up to 25 kg - 10,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 25 up to 50 kg - 12,00 EUR including VAT

Prices for deliveries in countries of European Union:

package up to 2 kg - 14,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 2 up to 5 kg - 21,00 EUR including VAT 

package  from 5 up to 10 kg - 25,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 10 up to 15 kg - 30,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 15 up to 20 kg - 35,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 20 up to 25 kg - 41,00 EUR including VAT

package  from 25 up to 50 kg - 50,00 EUR including VAT



User can see detailed information regarding the order status and content on the provider’s web site at all times. Under the Profile tab, the user can check the submitted orders, open pro forma invoices, invoices and unshipped goods

Purchasing process is carried out in five steps:

1.step: Check your shopping basket

In this step the customer checks his or her shopping basket to see if it contains the product in a desired quantity. In this step the customer can delete the positions, change the quantity on individual position and enter a promotional discount code, if he or she has one

The user can leave the shopping basket and continue with the browsing and ordering. Products and quantities already put in the shopping basket will remain unchanged.

After editing the shopping basket, the user can proceed to the second step of the purchase by clicking on the button »Continue to the buyer information«. The user can change the content of the shopping basket in every step of the purchase, until the end of the order. In every step it is possible to return to the previous step.


Step 2: User registration or login

If a visitor is not yet logged in or registered as a customer, he does this in this step. If he was already enrolled before this step, this step is skipped.

Step 3: Choose the delivery address and address for the invoice

In this step customer determines the delivery address and address for the invoice. The addresses could be different. Customer can add a new delivery address or edit existing addresses in this step. In this step, customer also has the option of an additional message to provider.


Step 4: Choose delivery distributor

If more than one delivery distributor is available, the customer can choose the most suitable one.


Step 5: Choose payment

In this step, the customer chooses a payment method if there are several options available.

The customer can pay the order by wire transfer via electronic bank based on the information provided at order completion.


Order processing

The company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., will start carrying out the activities necessary for the execution of the received orders as soon as the order will be correctly submitted (deposit receipt/payment receipt).

For those who want to pay for their order via pro forma invoice, the employees of the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. will check the inflows to the current account of the company during regular business hours at 13.00 o’clock and 15.00 o’clock. Company’s regular business hours for clients represent every business day from Monday to Fiday from 8:00 to 17:00.


Shipping the goods

Within the shipping time limits, the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. will prepare the goods according to the order confirmation and shipped them to the chosen delivery address and notify the buyer by email. 



Orders, invoices and open items are saved in an electronic form on the provider’s server and are accessible to the buyer at all times in the user profile My profile.


Provider offers the following payment methods:

Payment with a pro forma invoice: After the pro forma invoice will be submitted, the buyer will receive a pro forma invoice in a PDF form by email, together with all the information needed for the payment. He or she can settle the amount of the pro forma invoice by making a transfer to the current account of the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., number SI56 0204 5025 6055 941, which is opened at the NLB bank. Transaction can be made with a special money order or with a BN02 form in the online bank. After receives the transaction to the current account, the buyer will be notified by email which will include order confirmation and shipping time of the ordered products. Pro forma invoice is not binding for the buyer until the amount is settled. The buyer can cancel the order by not paying the pro forma invoice. After expiry date, the pro forma invoice becomes invalid and unbinding for the provider, even if the buyer pays the pro forma invoice after it expired.



The consumer can withdraw from the contract within 8 days after receiving the ordered goods. The consumer must describe the reason for returning the goods and send them to the provider at The provider examine the reasons for return and give the answer as to the justification of the reasons for return or exchange of goods.

Reasons for return:

  • Damaged Goods - the customer have to send a picture which prove that the goods have arrived as the damaged goods and that the damage is not an caused by the customer.

  • Goods defects - the customer have to send a picture which prove that the goods with the defect have arrived as defected and that the defect was not  caused by the customer.

  • Wrong ordered clothing size - if the garment is printed with a pattern that was not custom-made, the consumer can change the size of the garment. if  the garments were printed with the custom design of customer, change is not possible.

Wrong chosen size of envelope, packaging or other non-textile products is NOT the reason for returning or changing the goods for free.

If the reasons for return or exchange are justified, the difference in the purchase price that might become, will be returned to the customer. As well the provider return to consumer the transport costs of returning the goods if the customer returns the package in the condition as he received it.

If the products will be returned in a correct way, provider will reimburse the buyer for all the paid products, only to the personal bank account – which the customer provide during the return process. We do not pay out cash! Purchase money will be returned to the personal bank account within 5 days of the receipt of the products in the warehouse.

Upon confirmation by the provider that the reasons for return or replacement are justified, the customer  returns the package to the address: Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., Koleševa ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana.

If the quantity that the buyer receives differs from the one noted on the delivery note and invoice, the customer should inform the supplier via e-mail, as soon as the goods are received or until the next business day.

The provider must reply to the customer as soon as possible or within eight days at the latest.



Collection of personal information

By filling out the form, the buyer agrees that the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. as an operator of the personal information database saves and shared all the given information and the information regarding the purchase processes in accordance with Personal data Protection Act (ZVOP-1). Personal information is the information which identifies you: your name, last name, phone number, email or home address. Besides the information that the buyer enters when filling out the application form, the following purchase information are also collected: product name, product quantity, measurement unit, product code, price per measurement unit, purchase amount, time of purchase, number of the purchase document – invoice, coupons: state/used/issued, discount gained by buying with a specific product with a coupon.

The company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. collects your information from the purchase in the online shop, coupon order, e-coupons and subscription to the newsletter and other e-publications, participation in a survey, contest and similar activities. Personal information which were provided on the web site in order to carry out the online purchasing, are used only for completeing the order and delivery, except if the user of the website separately agreed with any other form of the use of information (ordering coupons or e-coupons, subscription to the newsletter), which can be used for other purposes.

By his or her approval, the user allows the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož, s.p., the administrator of the personal information database, to process the collected personal information for sampling, survey and statistical reasons, determining the use of the service, adjusting offer and segmentation, market research, informing the buyers about the offer, new products and special offers, sending newsletters and other marketing documents, informing the users about the services of the online shop and the companyOglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. and connected clients and other forms of the usage of the provided information, about which the user has specially agreed upon.


Protection of personal information

We undertake that the personal information, gathered on the website or in any other way, described above, will be saved, protected and processed only by the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. The administration of the website will use the gathered personal information in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and European legislation (Directive EU 95/46/EC, 2002/58/EC and Agreements ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189).

By filling out the form and accepting these general conditions, the user confirms, that he or she is familiar with the right to access, transcribe, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete personal information relating to him or her, in accordance with the provisions of ZVOP-1.

Your information are protected from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure to a third party.


Privacy policy and cookies

Privacy policy

Like many websites we also record certain information in a so called logs (IP address, date and time, browser type, website address). This is a part of the server and can help us when the website is not working. Logs are automatically deleted after certain period of time.


In cookies this website stores only the information about the current session (that is PHPSESSID) and temporary or current visitor’s unique id. With this cookie the product added to the shopping basket remains there until your next visit and you do not need to add the product to the basket again. We do not save other information!

Information about the visit (visitor count) are gathered with the service Google Analytics, which does not save your information and records cookies only for our domain (which means that these information cannot be read by any other website or service).

If you wish, you can disable or enable cookies on your browser at all time. You should be aware that some services on these (and also) other websites may not work or function properly if you disable cookies.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks

If you are logged to the social networks and/or other services (for example Facebook, Google, Twitter, ...) when visiting our website, it is possible that these networks will place its own cookies through the social plugins on these websites (for example Facebook "Like" or Google "G+1"). If you want to avoid these cookies you should log out after every use of such network.



The company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. has the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time, if this is required by the technical, commercial reasons or is such reasons are deemed necessary by the public.

The company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. should properly inform the user about changing the general terms and conditions. A proper way is considered a post on the web site


The provider shall to the best of its ability strive to maintain the currency and accuracy of the information published on its website. Despite his efforts, the characteristics of the product, delivery times and prices may change so quickly that the provider is unable to update the data published on the website on time. In such event, the provider will notify the buyer about such changes and allow him or her to cancel or change the order.

The company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., shall not be liable for possible inaccurate information and also damage, which arose because of the use of inaccurate or incomplete information, as well as for events when information on the website could not be found and used.

Despite the provider’s effort to provide accurate photos of the product sold, all photos must be understood as symbolic. The photos do not provide a precise representation of the characteristics of the product.

The online store is the property of the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. All rights reserved. Content on the online store may contain material, the copyright of which may also be the property of third parties. Therefore, any providing of information from websites is allowed only with the written permission of the owner of the online store.

Copying the text and photos without the approval of the company Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p. is forbidden.



The provider respects the relevant consumer protection legislation. The provider shall try its best to fulfil his obligation in setting up an effective system of processing complaints and will determine a person a buyer can contact by phone or email in case problems should arise. Complaints are submitted in a written form to the company’s head office,  Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož s.p., Vrhniška cesta 128, 1354 Horjul. The processing of the complaint is confidential.

The provider shall confirm the received complaint in five days and notify the buyer about the duration of processing the complaint and constantly inform him or her about the process.

The provider is aware that the main feature of consumer dispute is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the time needed and costs that may arise in resolving the dispute. This is also the main obstacle for the consumer not to take the dispute to the court. That is why the provider shall strive to resolve any dispute in consensus. If this is not possible, the District Court in Ljubljana shall have the jurisdiction.

Basic information of the company that owns the online store

Company: Oglaševanje, Danilo Ambrož, s.p., Vrhniška cesta 128, 1354 Horjul

Account of the company : SI56 0204 5025 6055 941, opened at the Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d., Trg republike 2, Slovenija

IBAN number: SI56 0204 5025 6055 941


VAT number: SI80741592


We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

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